Association SEDA is a young organization established in 2019. A team of young scientists and people involved in adult education as well as those educated in the social sciences have created the association, enabling the implementation of educational projects related to adult education.

The mission of the Association is educational, training and assistance activities. SEDA's statutory objectives are implemented by organizing training sessions, workshops, conferences, programs and assistance actions, as well as by developing training materials. The association aims to improve the competences and skills of adults acting in accordance with the idea of lifelong learning. The employees and trainers working in the Association are highly qualified staff in terms of both education and professional skills. In addition, the Association cooperates with numerous adult organizations ( e.g. third age universities, prison associations) as well as public and private institutions from various branches (eg universities, research institutes, prison inspectorate , foundation for disabled people, etc.). Association aims to participate in new international multilateral projects fulfilling assumption of Life Long Learning approach.

Munzur Üniversitesi

Since its establishment in 2008 in Tunceli city centre, with its qualified academic programmes and innovative perspective, Munzur University has maintained its mission to produce information and technology by its universal solution-oriented education focused on water, environment, food, energy and social and humane issues of the region along with research and development activities. Combining innovative perspective with its dynamic structure at its campus, Munzur University employs 435 academic and 402 administrative staff in the 2019-2020 academic year. With its 8 faculties, 3 vocational schools, and 1 Graduate Educational Institute that contains 37 Bachelor's Degrees, 36 Associate's Degrees, 17 Master's Degrees and 3 Ph.D. programmes, our university continues to research and serve for the benefit of the society.


With the principle of “Leader in Science, Free in Thought” our university provides opportunities for the students to express  themselves and develop social skills with the help of its competent academic staff and 22 student clubs, 6 sport teams, and civil society initiatives. The library that continues to develop, contributes to the studies of the academics and students. Its technological foundations consisting of 11 Research and Application Centres and 39 research laboratories enable our university to conduct researches that makes our university an important research centre in the region.


Polo Europeo della Conoscenza (European Pole Of Knowledge) or ”Europole” is a public body, no profit – network of educational Institutions (about 4000 Organizations) among them researchers, Universities, adult education organizations, Regional Administrations, VET schools, NGOs, cooperatives, and schools of every order and degree at national level working for the European social and educational integration.

Its main fields of activities are to promote the European dimension and integration through European and extra – European workshops, seminars, conferences, partnerships and projects. The Europole network is coordinating “umbrella activities” involving everytime the greatest possible number of institutions of the consortium.

The network include and collaborate with other 3 National Networks of Educational Institutions: The School of Robotics of Genoa, the CNIS for Teachers specialized for the disabled and the network of Schools without backpack. It also coordinates 2 European networks (funded by the European Commission) TTTNET for the innovative techniques of teaching mathematics, science and IT, Nobody Less Network Community a network of European partners that use games and educational robotics to promote the values such as: empathy, solidarity, sharing, respect for the environment, etc

Europole is partner in two other European networks funded by the European Commission: Primedia – for the promotion and development of the use of prison media – – and Netq6 for computer education for disadvantaged children aged 0 to 6 – The network coordinates a creative team of Robotics against Bullying with hundreds of teachers throughout Italy for the prevention of the phenomenon in schools. Europole is partner in the Horizon 2020 projects Protein

Tunceli Engelsiz Yaşam Dayanışma ve Yardımlaşma Derneği

Tunceli Engelsiz Yasam Dayanisma ve Yardimlasma Dernegi was established in 2016 to contribute to the educational and healthcare needs of all disabled people and make sure they are in social solidarity. The Association takes actions for disabled people within its body regardless of religion, language, race, origin, and gender.
The mission of the association is to promote the full participation of persons with disabilities in society equally with others, ensure that persons with disabilities share in society's material and cultural achievements, and foster humanitarianism across society as a whole.
It is among the priorities of our association to be advocates of the rights and wishes of the disabled, to be followers at the same time, to provide rehabilitation of orphans and needy people, to provide the necessary equipment for the disabled, and to support them and their families by providing financial and spiritual help.

İnno South

International Innovation from the South (INNOSOUTH) is a recent organization but its team has a long experience working in European Projects. INNOSOUTH has the aim to intervene and improve in the personal, professional and social level. Their staff and territories where they operate, together with synergies they create lead to a better future of the community as a whole. We are cooperating with the Medical Experts, in the health projects and in trainings and courses about the health.

INNOSOUTH is also training provider, offering a range of professional for training courses for young and adult people. We design and deliver quality training solutions with differents thematic to enhance team building and developing the soft skills, seeking specialization which helps to achieve working objectives. Our company is based in Granada, Spain. A multicultural city with a large heritage culture and history what is always a great value to be incorporated in all our projects. Our team are highly qualified with a large experience in different professional sectors. As a company INNOSOUTH also has a vaste experience in training programs and offering consulting services of differents areas. INNOSOUTH managed others Erasmus+ Projects arranging the internship placements, language courses, accommodation and cultural visits for the students. Our company has a long track of experience in different European Mobility Project, Erasmus+ Programmes, Key Action 1 (KA1) and Key Action 2 (KA2). Thanks to our experience and centers as an institution can offer European Certifications , Workshops, Professional Visits, Training Courses and Educational Visits.

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